Being Diagnosed with CANCER is perhaps one of the Most Frightening events anyone could face, and just by hearing that Dreaded Word, makes you automatically think of a DEATH SENTENCE, but the Truth is that It Doesn’t Have to Be, and with the facts we are about to reveal … IT NEVER WILL BE! It’s tragic how people search sites such as “The Alternative Daily” and other similar sites in the hope of finding a Cure for Cancer, but unfortunately, they won’t find one. What they do find is pie in the sky false claims such as KBA, sodium bicarbonate and some kind of Icky cheese, magic mushrooms, and so on, but after you learn the truth about cancer, you will come to realize that THERE ARE NO SILVER BULLETS!



Today, 50% of the World’s population will develop Cancer sometime in their lifetime. The medical establishment claims that their Cancer Treatments are working, but facts prove different, for example, in the past twenty years:

  • Breast and Colon Cancer have increased by 70%
  • Prostate Cancer up 200%
  • Testicular Cancer, up a whopping 300%
  • Lung Cancer, which is supposedly caused by smoking, has risen 262%, while the number of smokers has dropped from 50% to less than 23%. 

Now something doesn’t add up here, does it? The truth is that the Medical Establishment creates reports to dupe people into believing that their methods work. So where is the progress? THERE IS NONE, because Conventional Cancer Treatments have little regard for the well being of the Cancer patient, as revealed by Professor Jones who stated that:

   “My studies have proved conclusively that UNTREATED CANCER VICTIMS LIVE UP TO FOUR TIMES LONGER than treated individuals. If one has cancer and opts to do nothing at all, they will live longer and feel better than if he undergoes radiation, chemotherapy or surgery, other than when used in immediate life-threatening situations.” 

Prof Jones. (Transactions, N.Y. Academy of Medical Sciences, Volume 6)

Doctor Atkins agrees with Professor Jones and stated that: 

   “Don’t worry how sick the treatment makes the patient, kill the cancer and forget the rest, this reasoning borders on irrational, for Chemotherapy and Radiation cause so many diverse systemic effects that The Patient Often Dies From The Side Effects, Rather Than By The Tumors Themselves. Chemotherapeutic agents by their very nature are cellular poisons, so how can they do the recipient much good?”

There’s a fifty page article by Hardin Jones of the National Cancer Institute of Bethesda Maryland, where he compared Untreated and Treated Cancer Victims around the world, and came to the conclusion that :


So there you have the truth by Cancer Experts, who state that more people die from the Side Effects caused by invasive and expensive Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy and Surgery, than from the actual Cancer itself.



The truth is that everyone without exception, has free radicals (Cancer Cells) in their bodies from birth, and it’s the ”IMMUNE SYSTEM”  that keeps them in check by constantly seeking and destroying them, as if they were foreign intruders, which is why Congress declared “WAR ON CANCER” by the Nixon Administration in 1971. 

Cancer develops when your Immune System is weakened for some reason or another, such as your Diet, Stress, Environmental factors etc., and is unable to keep these Cancer Cells in check. At this point, these Cancer Cells multiply and grow in the bodies more vulnerable parts, such as the Breasts and Uterus in women, and the Prostate in men. Once these Cancer Cells continue to multiply, they spread to the other major organs in the body.


U.S. News and World Report entitled ’The Body at War,’ states that the immune system is THE ‘KEY TO CURING CANCER,’ and Time Magazine in ’The Battle Inside Your Body’ entitled ‘Stop the Germs,’ reported the strengthening of the immune system and white blood cells, and their role in the real cure for Cancer.

When the immune system fails to operate efficiently, it allows the mutant cells (Cancer cells) to multiply to a degree where it eats the infected body part. The American Cancer Society Manual agrees with this and states that:

“Only when the immune system is incapable of destroying these malignant cells, will Cancer Develop”

DID YOU GET THAT? The American Cancer Society just admitted that it is the immune system that destroys these cancer cells, which is why our main focus is on rebuilding and strengthening your immune system, and the main reason why our “NATURAL CANCER RECOVERY PROGRAM” helps you Cure yourself of Cancer. Doctor Atkins concurrs stating that: 

   “If the body’s Immune System Destroys Cancer, it’s logical that we must improve the Immune System.” “Cancer represents a condition in which the hosts defences are weakened, a condition in which the balance of power between the hosts resistance and the condition process is tipped in favour of the condition, THEREFORE IT IS NOT LOGICAL TO WEAKEN THE PATIENT FURTHER BY RADIATION, CHEMOTHERAPY AND SURGERY. Cancer treatment should begin by augmenting the victims resistance so he can ward off the inertia of the runaway cancer cells.”


Cancer is a ‘MUTATION OF CELLULAR GENES’ OR ‘FREE RADICALS.’ The human body consists of 75 trillion cells, with one cell per million being mutant. Now if you divide 75 trillion by one million, you’ll get the number of mutant cells that are a normal part of your cell structure. The only reason we’re not all dying from Cancer, is due to the wonders of our ‘IMMUNE SYSTEM’, or our defence mechanism, if you will, that kills these free radicals.

   “We are continually forming abnormal cells, and the immune system acts as a scavenger to destroy these mutant cells.” “It is normal and natural to have these mutant cells; your immune system is there to correct it.”


Cancer is named and classified after the body part infected, or by the doctor who supposedly discovered a New Type of Cancer. This brings about the different types that are really just names. Cancer of the bone is called BONE CANCER, of the liver, LIVER CANCER, of the breast, BREAST CANCER, of the Lung, LUNG CANCER, of the Skin, SKIN CANCER or MELANOMA and so on, and this is why everyone believes that there are a multitude of different types of Cancers. Cancer takes on the characteristics of the cells it inhabits, and is not a disease, contagious or otherwise. They are simply ‘IMPROPERLY FORMED MUTANT CELLS.’ 



is chemotherapy bad for you

What most people are not aware of, is that the conventional means of Treating Cancer has failed. SURGERY, RADIATION THERAPY AND CHEMOTHERAPY, purge the body of Cancer by destroying CANCER CELLS, as well as HEALTHY CELLS, which is clearly visible in the side effects brought on by chemotherapy, such as hair loss and gastrointestinal illnesses. Fortunately our “NATURAL CANCER RECOVERY PROGRAM” does the opposite, because we as True Physicians, follow Hippocrates’ Protocol of “First Do No Harm” (Primum non Nocere), and that is why we want you to learn how to prepare your own Herbal Medicines (see our video below), using our  formulas, which we developed over the past 40 years, so YOU CAN ERADICATE YOUR CANCER!     

In the publication “Current Cancer Research” published Facts on Chemotherapy survival rates, and reported that Chemotherapy is only credited with a 7% success rate of all cases, and that prolonged survival in another 15%.  NOT TOO IMPRESSIVE IS IT? What they failed to report however, is that studies are measured in months, not years, and that the quality of life of those 7 to 15%……… WAS A PUNISHING ORDEAL!



TODAY, one out of four children in the world will die from starvation, disease, or some form of CANCER, while over 50 MILLION Americans are experiencing some form of CANCER SYMPTOMS, so It’s reasonable to say that almost everyone has experienced, or known someone who has either died from, or has Cancer at this moment, and dread the WORD CANCER, even more than AIDS.

We are not being told the truth about Cancer, and like AIDS, reports and definitions are contradicting and misleading. In the USA, someone dies every 45 seconds from Cancer, that’s over 590,000 annually. The reason why We are being misinformed about Cancer, is because it all revolves around the ‘ALMIGHTY BUCK.’

It all began in 1971 when the top three oncologists in the United States went to President Nixon with a proposal, that stated if he were to allot them the same amount of funds that were used to put a man on the moon, that they would have a cure for Cancer by 1975. NOW WE ALL KNOW THAT NEVER HAPPENED! The truth is that 1975 came and went, and all the money raised by “Nixon’s Cancer War Act”, has achieved no results (over a 150 Billion).

The following quote is Dr. Atkins' take on Nixon's War on Cancer:

   “Although cancers should not be in the body, they are not ‘foreign objects,’ so therefore, Nixons war on cancer is illegal, they are made of tissue, they are grown by the body itself, plus it’s possible that cancer represents a condition and not a disease.”  He goes on to say that:   “Cancers are treated as many physicians treat other diseases, there is an invader that must be attacked, removed, or in some way killed.” 

“This is the mentality that started this cancer industry to begin with.

CBS’s ‘This Morning’ and ‘USA Today’ quoted Doctor Epstein and many others as saying that:

   “The National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society have mislead and confused the public and Congress by repeated false claims that we are winning the war against Cancer, claims made to create public and Congressional support for massive increases in Budgetary Appropriations.” 


The National Cancer Institutes (NCI) director Samuel Broder, stated that the Cancer Establishment’s Policies are influenced by pervasive conflicts of interest, and that the National Cancer Institute has become:


Despite the Billions of dollars spent  since Nixon declared War On Cancer, there has been no cure to be found.



You know it greaves me that most of my patients in my Clinic in Pakistan and my Hospital  in Mexico, came to me after their oncologist told them to go home and put their things in order, because they did all they could, and that they did not have long to live. Fortunately, these desperate individuals came to me through recommendations of my other patients’ friends and families.

Now as they sat in front of me, I would ask them one simple question: ” So what can I help you with today?” Most of them having gone through such a painful ordeal, with hands clasped, and a saddened expression on their face, lowered their heads and said: “Doc, I have Cancer”. My reply was: “That’s not a problem, is there anything else I can help you with?” Now at this point, I wish You could see the expression on their faces in response to my reply, go from one of  DESPERATION, to one of COMPLETE AND UTTER JOY.   

What I would like to achieve here, is to see the same expression on your face, and sincerely hope that you found us in time to help you beat your affliction. And don’t believe that you are too far gone, because I have helped many patients cure themselves of stage 4 Cancer using my treatment methods, so let’s get to subject at hand, helping you eradicate your cancer.

Physician A. Rigs


The following are excerpts from our book

KAPOSI SARCOMA (KS) forms masses in the skin, lymph nodes, or other organs, with purple skin lesions, appearing in defined spots or can be widespread and worsen with time. Four sub-types are described as:

  • Classic(Affects legs in older men and growth can be slow, and also occurs in people following organ transplantation which mostly affects the skin)
  • Endemic(occurs in young adult males in Africa and can be more aggressive.)
  • Immunosuppression(Therapy-related)
  • E (occurs in people with AIDS and many parts of the body can be affected)

The diagnosis is by tissue biopsy while the extent of disease may be determined by medical imaging. Treatment is based on the sub-type, whether the condition is localized or widespread, and the person’s immune function. Localized skin lesions may be treated by surgery, injections of chemotherapy into the lesion, or radiation therapy. Widespread disease may be treated with chemotherapy or biologic therapy. In those with HIV/AIDS highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) prevents and often treats KS. In certain cases the addition of chemotherapy may be required. With widespread disease, death may occur.

The condition is relatively common in people with HIV/AIDS and following organ transplant as of 2017. Over 35% of people with AIDS may be affected. It was first described by Moritz Kaposi in 1872. It became more widely known as one of the AIDS-defining illnesses in the 1980s. The viral association for this cancer was discovered in 1994.


KS lesions are nodules or blotches that may be red, purple, brown, or black, and are usually popular, and typically found on the skin, but spread elsewhere is common, especially the mouth, gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract. Growth can range from very slow to explosively fast, and is associated with significant mortality and morbidity.


According to mainstream Pharma, Kaposi sarcoma is not curable, but it can often be treatable for many years.

In KS associated with Immunodeficiency or Immunosuppression, treating the cause of the immune system dysfunction can slow or stop the progression of KS.

In 40% or more of peoples with AIDS-associated Kaposi sarcoma, the Kaposi lesions will shrink upon first starting highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). Therefore, HAART is considered the cornerstone of therapy in AIDS-associated Kaposi sarcoma. However, in a certain percentage such people, Kaposi sarcoma may recur after a number of years on HAART, especially if HIV is not completely suppressed. People with a few local lesions can often be treated with local measures such as radiation therapy or cryosurgery.


If you understood the truth about Cancer, Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment horrors used today, then you might opt to try our time tested methods of beating your Cancer naturally with the following Recovery  Program.


The reason why our “RECOVERY PROGRAM” works, is because it deals with strengthening your Immune System, so that it is strong enough to Eliminate your  Cancer. Just to remember that the “KEY” to the Cancer Cure, as I detail in my book, is your immune system. For Example, when you cut yourself and bleed, the wound cauterizes and the skin is replaced, when you break a bone, its the immune system that mends it, not the Doctor or the Cast.


Natural herbal remedies are constantly under attack by Big Pharma because unlike synthetic drugs, herbal supplements do not need a patent. Synthetically prepared medicines just mask the symptoms, whereas quality herbs and herbal formulas go to the root of the problem and weed it out, not just mask the symptoms. Herbs are considered safe, less noxious and have rarely been known to cause side effects when dosages are followed carefully. Now keep in mind that all herbs or herbal formulas and supplements are not alike. Our Formulas that we teach you to make, are second to none. So use them with confidence with realization that they will help you cure yourself of any disease.

We realize that Pharmaceutical Drugs prescribed for Cancer today, cost thousands of Dollars, with many unable to afford them, so with this in mind, we have made a Youtube video with step by step instructions on how to make your own herbal tinctures and herbal capsules.

How to prepare tinctures and capsules at a fraction of the cost, with a blender and a few other kitchen utensils, which will be far more potent than most tinctures and capsules found online or at health food stores.

I'm sure that you’re anxious to learn the methods I used on countless patients to help them eradicate their Cancer, so go to my book, which gives you step by step instructions on how to do so.
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