NCB Cancer Treatment Center provides you with everything you need to know about your Cancer, such as what are the dangers and side-effects of Chemo and Radiation Therapy, Can Cancer be cured? Are there alternative treatments for Cancer? What if I have stage 4 Cancer?, And much more.

Odds are, that you or someone close to you has Cancer, so let me start by telling you how I came to learn effective natural treatments to help you eradicate it. For the past forty years, I traveled the world and was free to practice without any interference from the FDA or AMA.

After a few decades of incredible results using the treatments I learned about, I had the opportunity to set up a Cancer Treatment Center in Mexico, and It wasn’t long before people flocked to my Clinic after hearing of my success rate, such as one patient for instance, Signora Paz, who had a tumor behind her left eye, but due to her being overweight and in poor health, they could not operate on her. I placed her on my weight loss program and other natural treatments, and in 4 months, she lost the weight, was healthy, the tumor was gone, and she looked 20 years younger. She changed her appearance so much so, that her son had to go to the Tijuana border one day to help her, because the border patrol said she was trying to cross into the United States with another person’s I.D. 

Another one of my patients Eric M. was riddled with Cancer and sent home to die from a San Diego Hospital, whose doctors told him that they could not do anything more for him, and that he should return home and get his affairs in order. When I first saw him, I gasped because he was overweight and his skin was olive green, his eyes were yellow, and he had multiple sores on his arms from the treatments he had received. He was hesitant to undergo any other cancer treatments, and basically wanted to die, but I coaxed him on, and as he slowly started to respond to my treatments, he became ecstatic. 

As the months passed by, he began feeling better and better. Finally after nine months, he returned to San Diego for some tests, and his oncologist was amazed that he was in such great shape. His Cancer was gone, he was no longer a Diabetic, and he looked thirty years younger. I’m telling you these accounts because my ‘Cancer Recovery Program’ that I put him on, strengthened his immune system, restored his health, as well as eliminated all his disorders, including Diabetes.

Life was good and helping all those people was what I lived for, until Mrs. Coretta Scott King, the wife of the famed Martin Luther King, having exhausted all her cancer treatment options from the United States, came to my Clinic in Mexico for treatment. Her people heard of my amazing results and had planned to place her under my care, but unfortunately, she died before I could care for her. Now due to her death, the FDA, AMA, and other Agencies seized the chance to scare anyone who had intentions of going to Mexico for medical treatments, and achieved it with all the News articles that circled the world. Losing my Clinic made me realize that these people could not be beat, so I decided to use the ‘Freedom of Speech’ rights and publish my treatments so anyone could have access to them.

In closing, if your doctor tells you that they have exhausted all treatments possible, DON’T BELIEVE THEM, because I was able to help over 80 % of the stage 4 cancer patients came to me as a last resort, eradicate their cancer, and you can do the same.

My Cancer Recovery Program gives you easy to follow instructions on treatments that I used, and formulas for all the supplements you need, to eradicate your cancer, as well as how to easily make them in the comfort of your own home. There is so much I can tell you, but I’m sure you are anxious to get started, so click on the image of your cancer below, and it will divert you to the Treatments you need to get well again.

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